As individuals who practice yoga, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. We are offering classes that target specific areas of your yoga practice. Whether you are a seasoned veteren of yoga or someone who wants to dive in deep and learn more about yourself and yoga to advance your personal practice, these classes will benefit you.

Come join recognized senior teacher William Prottengeier for these wonderful 2 hour sessions.

Where Heaven and Earth Meet – For many, starting and sustaining Stability and Mobility of the Pelvis

Dates to be determined

People in class often request, “Lets do hip openers!”

This workshop will explore just what “hip opening” means, and how to create stability as the foundation for mobility in all the basic poses.

Restorative Yoga – Dealing with the Stress of the Holiday Season

Dates to be determined

At this busy time of year, the simple practices of Restorative Yoga can help us enjoy the season. We’ll focus on how to create 10-15 minute mini-sessions to both relax and re-energize our hearts, minds and bodies.

Developing a Personal Practice

Dates to be determined

For many, starting a home practice is difficult with our busy lives. This specialty class will provide tips on getting started with a home practice, how to sustain a home practice, and how to work with common obstacles.

Cost: $30 per class or $80 for all 3 classes

Where: Barre Bliss Uptown

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