Level 1 Yoga

Level 1 / Beginners Iyengar Yoga
For students new to yoga or the B.K.S. Iyengar method, this class is a systematic introduction to the principles of alignment. This ongoing class introduces the fundamental principals of posture and breath. The emphasis is on standing, seated and restorative postures which build strength, stamina and flexibility. Classes include beginning seated and forward bending postures and passive supported poses for deep relaxation.

Level 1 classes are ongoing and can be joined at any time, as the instruction is all basic technique.

Note: Please wear shorts or footless tights and be scent free. Try not to eat anything three hours before class.

Iyengar Yoga is based on the teachings of living yoga master
B.K.S. Iyengar and begins with the art and science of
asanas, or yoga postures. His innovative method sets him
apart from other methods of Hatha Yoga because of:

• his emphasis on standing poses,

• supported inversions and backbends that
pacify the nerves,

• the use of props (such as walls,
blocks, belts, chairs, blankets, weights,
and other devices) to facilitate ease and
depth of learning,

• specific sequencing of postures for general and therapeutic benefits, and

• careful, individualized adjustments.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means “to bind together”or a method of spiritual inquiry. B.K.S. Iyengar says “it is the harnessing and uniting of the mind, body and emotions under the guidance of one’s intelligence.” It is a practical method of physical culture combined with meditative attention. Yoga is freedom, and brings insight into the nature of mind and reality.

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Level 3 Yoga

Level 3 Iyengar
Prerequisite: a minimum of 2 years of practice of Iyengar Yoga.
This class addresses body, breath, mind and heart through the use of postures, conscious breathwork, (pranayama) and meditation.
For students with more experience and the desire to work with more complex Asana and Pranayama practices. This class blends the yoga elements of asana, pranayama, and meditation to create an experience for all levels of our system: the musculo-skeletal, the physiological, the nervous system, as well as our thoughts and emotions. Postures can be modified to accommodate the level of physical abilities, but experience with asana and breath work is required. The class includes more in depth study of the philosophical ideas that inform the practice of the asanas.

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Mixed Level Yoga

Mixed Level Iyengar
Prerequisite: Minimum of 3 months regular attendance or 12 classes of Level 1. In addition to learning new poses, poses from Level I will be explored in greater depth to foster a more clear understanding. Śirśāsana (head balance) will be taught along with more complex poses that develop from the poses taught in level I. Along with instruction in the āsanas, there will be instruction in conscious breath work (pranayama).

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Bliss Yoga

Bliss Yoga classes are based on the asana or physical practice of the 8 limb yogic tradition. The 60 minutes will focus on breath, building internal heat and proper alignment. Our teachers offer a variety of this style and no two classes are the same. We will offer advancements and modifications based on students needs. We strongly believe in a class open to ALL levels and that is safe. Preregistration is recommended but it is not required.

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Hatha Yoga and Meditation

Join us for a study on the Yoga Sutras in our Hatha Yoga/Meditation class on Sundays 10:00-11:30 am. Our aim will be to leave you feeling joyful, peaceful yet inspired as you connect to the illuminative presence within.

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