Positive Environment

There is a reason that barre classes are super popular right now – they transform your body leaving you with more strength, shape and tone. It is really the only workout that has helped me lose weight and get the kind of tone that makes me look and feel good.

A few years ago I used to frequent Align Pilates, but they are no more. I’ve tried a few other studios, but have decided that Barre Bliss is for me. First, they don’t overheat the room. I’m sensitive to heat and don’t enjoy doing a barre or cardio class in a room that is 85+ degrees, let alone 100. I do just fine generating my own heat. The studio at Barre Bliss is just right. Second, being focused on barre means that there is usually always a barre class when I want it. You could go everyday if you were that awesome! Third, the teachers are really good and the classes feel supportive. It’s a nice, positive environment. Finally, I think the classes are pretty affordable, particularly if you buy a pass or membership. As soon as I use up my groupon, I will be signing up!

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