Thank you for your interest in Barre Bliss. If you are new to Barre Bliss, we would like to inform you of a few things so you can have the best possible experience visiting one of our studios.


We would recommend those who are new to barre to take our Barre Bliss class or our Candlelight Barre. These two amazing classes will get you accustomed to the movements and our philosophy of barre.


Arrive 15 minutes before class starts so we can get you set up. Our studios do offer free parking. In our Uptown location, we have 4 reserved spots in the rear of the building with many spots along the street. After 5PM, you can park across the street in the LiveFront office building.


We would tell you to dress comfortably as you will be doing many movements throughout your workout. We are a barefoot studio, however, you can wear grip socks if you like. Please let us know if you would like us to reserve these socks for you as they are only an additional $12. We will provide props and weights. Feel free to bring your own mat and if you do not have one, don’t worry, we will provide one for you at no cost. Please bring a water bottle as we try to be a plastic free facility. If you do not have one, our stainless steel vacuum sealed water bottle is only $12 (XL is only $14).

For our Cycle Sculpt class, please bring clean indoor shoes or bicycle shoes.


Upon arrival, you will be able to store your shoes in the trays outside of the studio. We will welcome you with open arms and a smile. Please ask if we can give you a tour of the facilities. You will be able to store your valuables in the cubbies in the studio where they will be safe and secure.


Your elite instructor will get you the right props and help get your space set-up for class. If you any have injuries or limitations, please let them know. All our instructors offer modifications so you can work deep without discomfort.

Please view our class description page for detailed class types and information.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call 612.225.5851. We would be happy to help you.

Please read our Barre Bliss Etiquette